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Orange County's Best Pizzas

By the Modern Luxury Orange County editors


Here, we dish on the best restaurants in the region that are cooking up our favorite pies.
Pizzeria Ortica's Milanesa
Pizzeria Ortica's Milanesa
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1. Angelina’s Pizzeria Napoletana’s Burrata
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2. Ecco Pizza’s Goomba
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3. Il Barone’s Burrata Prosciutto e Arugola
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4. Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria’s 20-inch Pepperoni
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5. North Italia’s Chef’s Choice
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6. Pirozzi Corona del Mar’s San Daniele
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7. Pizza e Vino’s Giardino
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8. Pizzeria Mozza’s Prosciutto di Parma
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9. Pizzeria Ortica’s Milanesa
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10. Pizzeria Sapori’s Capricciosa
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