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Best Bowls of Soup in Dallas

By Kara Fellows 


Fall weather is finally here, so whether your looking for a cozy bite to eat or hoping to kick a cold, these are the five best bowls to tuck into.  
Dean Fearing tortilla soup dallas
Dean Fearing’s famous tortilla soup is a cold-day comfort.
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1. Ten Ramen 
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This is the place for an authentic ramen experience. Designed to replicate Japanese noodle shops, you can watch the whole kitchen from the stand-up counter. But the authenticity goes much deeper than just looks. The shop adheres to ramen etiquette with specific rules posted in the back of the restaurant. Ten allows for total ramen customization so it's exactly what you want, every single time. 1888 Sylvan Ave., 972.803.4400 

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2. Stocks & Bondy  
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If you're looking to finally get over the stubborn cold that's been going around, check out Stocks & Bondy. Chef Joanne Bondy makes the best broth in town and uses fresh, local ingredients that claim to do a lot more than just fill you up. Her soups are stuffed with antioxidants and can help lower bad cholesterol, speed surgery recovery time and even help with the common cold. And the best part? They deliver. 
920 S. Harwood St., 214.973.9549, 

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3. Da Lat 
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The unassuming exterior of Da Lat means it's one of the lesser-known pho spots in Dallas. But through those doors is one of the best bowls of pho you will ever have. And if you spent all day asleep, don't worry, Da Lat stays open until 2 a.m. every night of the week. 
2537 Fitzhugh Ave., 214.827.3200, 

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4. Tei-An 
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The most authentic Japanese cuisine in Dallas, Tei-An is the spot for soba. The traditional Japanese noodles are handmade in-house and adhere to the strict guidelines of proper soba techniques, which chef and owner Teiichi learned from a Master Chef at the Tsukiji Soba Academy in Japan. You can eat the noodles almost any way imaginable, but the best is in miso soup surrounded by veggies.  
1722 Routh St., 214.220.2828, 

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5. Fearing's 
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Fearing's legendary tortilla soup is the perfect southwestern comfort food. Layers and layers of flavor and spice come together around delicious shredded chicken in Fearing's most famous dish. Take this southwestern classic to the next level with a chunk of warm jalepeño cornbread to compliment it. 2121 McKinney Ave., 214.922.4848,